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WineART Wednesdays

The City of Lake Mary, FL

The people at the Farmer's Market liked my previous work on the last two flyers enough to ask me to do a third piece. This last piece would be for a monthly event in the downtown area, WineArt Wednesdays. This was all while I was trying to break into the industry, so I was happy to help out at a low cost. Unfortunately, this work is also what helped me get a full time position, so I was not able to work on freelance projects any more. That being said, I loved my time with these projects and am extremely happy that I was able to work on them with an amazing group of people at the city of Lake Mary, FL.

Where did I start?

At first, I wanted to use some of the more famous art pieces that have hit public domain with a wine glass. I thought about switching out the pitch fork in "American Gothic" with a wine glass... I thought about putting a wine glass into the hand of "The Thinker"... But it all just felt cheesy and wrong. So instead of defiling the ancient art of many centuries ago, I simply added a hand-drawn element to an image of a wine glass. It became far more simple than I originally wanted, but sometimes, simple is better. .

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